A Brand New Year

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, it is now 2012 in my timezone, and now I can officially wish everyone a Happy New Year! A new year brings many things, and one of them is the chance to look back on the past year. While my blog has not been around for an entire year, I wanted to take this time to look back on this past year as an anime fan. 2011 has been an incredible year. There has been a ton of great shows, especially in the later seasons of the year.

2011 also marks an important step for me as an anime fan. I’ve been a fan of the medium for a long time, but for the most part, it had been a solo endeavor because I lacked any friends in real life that shared the same level of interest in anime that I had (something that a lot of fans can identify with I’m sure). But that all changed this year when I finally became aware of the large community of anime fans and bloggers online. All of a sudden, I was surrounded (virtually) by other people who were as passionate about anime as I was. I started reading blogs and forums en masse, and eventually I was inspired to create my own little corner on the internet. Here in my blog and in the entire blogsphere I can share my passion with other people who also enjoy anime.

Aim High

While I don’t have any specific plans or know how long I will do this for, I do plan to continue blogging as long as I still enjoy anime. To all the anibloggers out there and the few people that read my blog, Happy New Year and thank you for making being a part of this community so much fun.


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