The Disappointments of Nisemonogatari

I haven’t written anything about Nisemonogatari for quite some time now (I haven’t written about Another or AnoNatsu in some time either, but that’s a different story), but it is for a good reason. At the time I had mixed feelings about the show, but now that we are nine episodes in and I’ve taken a good look at what it has presented, I can honestly say that I don’t really like Nisemonogatari.

The biggest problem I have with Nisemonogatari is its focus on fanservice. The show exists to profit off of Bakemonogatari’s large fanbase, and in that regard, it is doing very well. A plethora of dangerously cute girls, great music, and gratuitous fanservice, Nisemonogatari aims to give its audience exactly what they want. The problem is that Nisemonogatari offers little to nothing that I can really enjoy (besides the music).

In the last post I did for Nisemonogatari, I mentioned that one of my favorite aspects of the show’s predecessor was the romance between Koyomi and Senjougahara. While Senjougahara does appear from time to time, she is noticeably absent in the story and even more so is her relationship with Koyomi. Given that Nisemonogatari is about Koyomi’s sisters, this is not unexpected, but her presence is missed.

Not having Senjougahara isn’t enough to make the show bad though, as it is perfectly capable of doing well on its own merits. Unfortunately, story is not a priority here as most of the time is spent watching Koyomi soliciting with various members of his harem for titillation. Of course, these scenes would not be complete without the eye-candy, and Shaft is very diligent about making sure that none of the girls are forgotten. In fact, the amount of fanservice and smut in this show is simple too much. Also, much of the dialogue isn’t as creative or witty as I would hope. And when we do have interesting conversations, they are usually undermined by the visual pandering that takes place alongside of it (See Shinobu and Koyomi in the bath together).

Which is not to belittle Shaft for making a fanservice show. It is very good for what it is, and as I mentioned before, the girls are really good looking. And as far as fanservice goes, this show goes about it in an extremely creative and even artistic fashion.

I think that if it were a different show I would be more forgiving of the fanservice, but I expect more out of Nisemonogatari considering the quality of the show that proceeded it. It has been awhile since I watched I watched Bakemonogatari, so perhaps I simple don’t remember the type of pandering that occurred in that show. However, I’d like to believe that there was more to Bakemonogatari than fanservice. Nisemonogatari has succeeded in doing exactly what it intended, but its biggest failure has been in not aspiring higher.



2 thoughts on “The Disappointments of Nisemonogatari

  1. I love the anime though and the fanservices actually did delivered quite well, I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks like that though..

    • Not at all! I’m know there are those who really enjoyed Nisemonogatari. And perhaps I could’ve been clearer because there were things that I enjoyed about it as well. Ultimately, though, my problem with Nisemono is that I wanted so much more from it than what it ended up offering.

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