Liebster Blog Awards

Not too long ago thehippiefreak from Anime Tree nominated me for the Liebster Blog Awards. For those that don’t know, here is a short description of the Liebster Blog Awards.

“Basically, the Liebster Blog award is a “pay it forward” award in which bloggers with under 200 followers are nominated. If nominated, it would be appreciated if the blogger will follow the tradition and nominate 5 blogs under 200 followers that he is regularly reading.”

Before anything else, first a big thanks to thehippiefreak for nominating me. Now, let me share with you five blogs that I really enjoy reading.

1. Avvesione’s Anime Blog

An episodic blog, Avvesione covers a good number of shows each season and also the occasional manga chapter. As a fellow student, Avvesione is probably busier than I am, but he still manages to put out great analytical reviews of episodes.

2. Lemmas and Submodalities

An excellent blog that explores various themes in anime. Snippettree covers a wide range of topics and each of his posts are extremely well written and well constructed. I’m always looking forward to the new discussions the author brings to the table.

3. Anime B&B

One of the first blogs I started following, Marina’s work has always been good motivation to keep me writing for my own blog. Marina is an excellent writer who covers currently airing anime, ISML updates and occasionally food.

4. Ephemeral Dreams

Ephemeral Dreamer writes about whatever he likes which gives his blog a great amount of variety in the content. And it is always enjoyable content to read. Ephemeral Dreams recently achieved its first year anniversary and I’m looking forward to all the great insight the author will share in the future. Oh, I should also mention that the author has great taste in anime.

5. Beneath the Tangles

A blog centered around religion, Beneath the Tangles explores themes of Christianity and love in anime. In addition to that, this is a blog where the author shares his personal connections with the medium. Anime may be a form of entertainment, but author TWWK relates his own life experiences and lessons learned to what occurs in anime.


8 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Awards

  1. Thank you very much for your nomination for my and everyone else’s blogs. I truly appreciate your kind gesture to the anime blogging community by nominating the blogs you follow. I’m also glad to hear that you were nominated for the awards, too, since you’ve done an impressive job with your blog. Keep up the great work!

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