References and Names in Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean is off to a great start with its exciting and compelling story. There is plenty to enjoy in this sequel whether you are a fan or a newcomer to the franchise. Fans of the original may be disappointed by the lack of old faces, but the show still feels very much like Eureka Seven. In the original, names were not random and they were assigned with specific reasons and meanings, even if they did take a while to reveal themselves. Unsurprisingly, in Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean the names are also filled with references. As we are only five episodes in it may be too early to understand the meaning behind all of the names, but nevertheless, some information and hints can be gained by exploring the meanings behind the names and references that the writers included.

Pied Piper – Generation Blue’s ace team, Pied Piper is named after a fairy tale. In the story, the piper is hired to get rid of a town’s rats. He completes this task by using his magical pipe to enchant the rats and lead them away into a river to drown. However, upon completion of the task, the town refuses to pay the piper so he once again uses his magic to enchant the town’s children and lead them to their death. The team Pied Piper is the one that Ao is joining and the double meaning behind the name may suggest that they are more dangerous than they appear. Recent episodes have indicated that that there is more to Generation Blue than it initially appears and it is entirely possible that they have ulterior motives. I’m curious to see what role Gen. Blue will play in the story and while I don’t think that Pied Piper and its members is sinister, the name certainly seems to point to more danger than Ao has anticipated.

Fleur Blanc – In French, Fleur’s name means “white flower,” which is commonly associated with modesty and innocence. This is amusing because it is almost the direct opposite of what the character is really like. Described as “prideful and headstrong,” Fleur seemingly lacks the humility and innocence that her name would imply. However, it could be pointing towards a very different type of character underneath. Or if Generation Blue (and by extension, her father) is more than it seems, the white flower could symbolize how she has had no involvement in Generation Blue’s true intentions.

Elena Peoples – The name Elena means “light or beautiful,“ which could be referring to her status as an idol when considered with her surname. In addition, her bright and bubbly behavior is consistent with the name (or at least more than it is with Fleur).

Ivica Tanovic – I’m unsure of who “Tanovic” may be referring to, but Ivica is an old Hebrew name meaning “God’s Grace.” Perhaps this is a reference to Ivica’s benevolent nature, something we have clearly seen by his readiness to sacrifice the Triton if necessary to save the lives of Children.

Alleluia & Kyrie – These are Fleur and Elena’s IFOs respectively and both are named after liturgical elements of Catholic Mass. Alleluia shares the same meaning as Hallelujah and also refers to a liturgical chant while Kyrie is a prayer. A complex political struggle has been established with the first episodes, but what we don’t have a good grasp on yet is how Generation Blue is viewed by the general population. Until then, it is hard to figure out why the IFOs were given those names.

Triton – From Greek Mythology, Triton is the son of Poseidon and is the name of Team Pied Piper’s ship in the show.  In the myth’s, Triton was considered the messenger of the sea and, like his father, had the ability to control the waves of the sea. Perhaps the name is foreshadowing that the ship and its team will be a catalyst of the events to come, but much like Fleur and Elena’s IFOs, more information is needed first.

While not a name, there is one other reference that I want to mention. In the beginning of episode five, Elena makes a reference to the show Madoka Magica in a comment to Ao.

I won’t spoil the story for those who haven’t seen Madoka, but similar to the name Pied Piper, the quote in question seems to foreshadow something more sinister hiding beneath the benevolent visage of G-monster response team. Then again, it is more likely that the reference is just a reference there for our amusement without having any deeper meaning.

Of course, this is all guessing and conjecture at this point and the story could go in an entirely different direction from what I have discussed. That said, I’m going to enjoy looking back at my initial impressions once the show has finished airing. In this post I covered team Pied Piper, but they are hardly the full cast of the show. There are many more characters and names ripe for analysis such as the recently introduced team Goldilocks.


6 thoughts on “References and Names in Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean

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  2. The original had some interesting names too, but I can’t remember any at the moment.

    About the Madoka reference, I’m sure it was just for fun since Elena seems to be a little “nerdy”. She did a similiar reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion in episode 3 or 4!

    I really like how Bones put some creativity into the names in this series. For some reason, it comes alive much better that way. I mean, just check out the episode titles: good songs!

    • My favorite name and character combination for the original would be Anemone. Great name for a great character.

      I’m inclined to agree about the Madoka reference because of the other references. I also agree with your last point about the show. Eureka 7 AO is a good show so far and one of the things that contributes to this is the little details that the show has thrown in (like how they update the OP as the story progresses). There are so many of them and it makes the show feel that much richer.

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