Introducing Through the Frozen Glass

When I originally created this blog, I had no idea what to name it. Back in October, I knew I wanted to write about anime, but beyond that I had not give it much thought. Thus, Frozen Anime Blog (or the original title Frozen Myst) has always been a placeholder until I could think of something more suitable. Finally, nine months after my blog’s creation, I am pleased to announce that I’ve updated my blog’s name to Through the Frozen Glass.

About the Name: The new title is a reference to Lewis Caroll’s story, Through the Looking-Glass (sequel to the more well known Alice in Wonderland). The two stories are among some of my favorite books and they tell of a girl named Alice as she explores a fantasy world filled with absurdities and hidden truths. In many ways, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland mirrors my experiences with anime. The medium is different and has its own absurdities, but it is also filled with an imagination, creativity, and reality that is wonderful to behold and become lost in. The name Through the Frozen Glass is, of course, a direct reference to the book, but it also refers to the winter wonderland that is visible through the window after a snowy night.

Going Forward: I am decidedly not an anime reviewer. I don’t care to tell people how good or bad I think a show is because ultimately people will decide that for themselves based on their own preferences. I also don’t believe in objective reviews in general because those will always be influenced by the writer’s own biases and preference. What I would rather do is talk about what I enjoy or don’t enjoy about a particular anime and discuss ideas or themes that I encounter while watching it. Thus, this blog is about talking about anime and sharing the experience of adventures on the other side of the glass.


Next – It is time to finally get around updating my “About” page.

Thank you to Marina from Anime B&B for her help and advice in creating my new banner!

Also, those of you who have this site on your blogrolls, I would really appreciate if you could update it to reflect this change.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Through the Frozen Glass

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for us in the future in regards to your posts and what anime you watch. I’m rather excited to see what this change will bring for us. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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