A Long Overdue Introduction

Well, here it is. I said I was going to update my “about” page eventually, and I finally got around to doing so.

About the Blog:

Through the Frozen Glass was created as an outlet to express my thoughts on anime that I watch. I don’t have any strict plan for the site, but I will just write whatever I feel like talking about. Whether this means episodics on some of the currently airing anime, analysis or editorials, or even a post on the anime fandom itself, I will write topics that are of a particular interest to me. In addition, I often try to relate anime to real life and my own personal experiences. Because beneath all of the fantastical stories and exaggerated characters, anime is undoubtedly connected to reality.

Origin of the Name: Introducing Through the Frozen Glass

About the Blogger:

Currently a part time worker while waiting for the school year to begin again. During the school year I can be found studying Chemical Engineering at a University on the East Coast of the U.S and working towards a future in the medical field. When not working or studying, I spend most of my time watching anime, indulging in video games, writing, practicing drawing, and spending plenty of time outdoors.

I was exposed to anime at an early age because my parents had copies of My Neighbor Tottoro and Grave of the Fireflies in the house. However, it wasn’t until I saw Princess Mononoke (yet another movie from Studio Ghibli) that I was captured by the charm of the medium. During my highschool years I followed the Fullmetal Alchemist manga for over three years, reading each new chapter as they came out every month until it concluded. When it finally finished I was completely hooked and it was then that I began watching anime in earnest. Following that, it wasn’t long before I was paying attention to the anime seasons and picking up shows as they aired.

My favorite genre is the adventure/fantasy, but I also really enjoy a good slice-of-life. After that, I try not to be picky and can usually watch and enjoy anything with strong, likeable characters.

Contact Me:

If you want to contact me, emailing me at  frozenmyst2301(at)gmail(dot)com is the best option. Alternatively, you can also find me @Myst1138 on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Introduction

  1. This… this is… magic. It only took a little over six months 😛

    And the result was good too. Nicely done! (also, where is that character from?)

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