Myst’s Reflections on Animanga Blogs

Every so often a blog carnival project appears within the aniblogsphere where many different bloggers all share their thoughts on a specific topic. Foxy Lady Ayame from The Beautiful World is the one who came up with this idea and the theme of this carnival is our thoughts on Anime Blogging. Let’s take a look at my thoughts, shall we?

What do I like to read and for what reasons (reviews, commentaries, editorials)?

What I read is pretty much anything that interests me. What I like reading is anything that is well-written. A lot of times, when a writer I like comes out with a new post, I will often end up reading it anyway even if the topic doesn’t immediately pique my interest. Coming out of it I may not be completely fond of the topic, but the great blog posts are the ones that are able to engage me in a topic that doesn’t immediately interest me. Often times, I end up with a new found respect for the topic or at least come out more educated about it.

There aren’t any blog types I prefer reading over another. As long as they are well-written and fun, I will enjoy reading them. I probably read more editorial posts than I do episodics, but that is partially because not every episodic blogger covers the shows that I choose to watch (though I do sometimes read episodics of shows that I am not following). While it is easy for episodic posts to fall into the pitfall of episode-summary, there are some episodic posts out there that are just as insightful as any editorial I’ve ever read (a really great example is the colloquium posts on Mawaru Penguindrum over at The Untold Story of Altair and Vega).

What do I do when I stumble across a new blog?

This one is actually quite simple. When I stumble across a new blog I’ll sample some posts and it will get bookmarked if I like it. Other things I might look for include a “favorites” list or a “Top X Anime” page. Those pages are great for getting an idea of the author’s tastes and, personally, I always enjoy reading about what a person likes or enjoys over what they don’t.

What must a good animanga blog have and do?

Blogs are about the writing content. The writing is what I look for in a blog and it is what keeps me coming back every time there is an update. That said, why not make your blog visually appealing for visitors? If you have interesting topics that you’d like people to read and discuss, make it easy for them to find those posts! Make your site easy to navigate and pleasant to look at – there is no reason not to. Blogs are defined by their content, but blogs with good visual presentation look stylish.

As for the writing, I won’t claim to know what defines a “good” blog, but one thing I always tell myself when writing posts is to write what interests myself. Sure, the topics that interest you might not always interest everyone else, but I would say it is more important to write what you want to write about. Write what interests you and be enthusiastic about it because it is your passion for the subject at hand that will get people reading and keeping them coming back. On the flip side of things, if a blogger writes about a topic that he or she doesn’t find interesting, it is going to show. I mentioned enthusiasm as being important because if you come off as apathetic about your own topic then you aren’t going to encourage anyone to stick around. If you don’t care or don’t think your topic is important, why would anyone think otherwise? Not only that, if you write about things that don’t interest you, it won’t be long before you are bored of your own writing and abandon the blog as a result.

What blogging behaviors annoy me?

Unless the blogger in question is just completely disrespectful to everything and everyone, I usually don’t have many problems with bloggers. There is a difference between a blogger being critical and one that is just being rude. I rarely encounter “rude” bloggers, and while some bloggers can come off as arrogant because they are taking a negative stance on something, these topics usually generate good discussion. And isn’t good discussion the reason why we blog? Thus, this complaint isn’t so much direct against the “rude” bloggers so much as it towards the people who complain about other bloggers being too negative. We shouldn’t be afraid to take a critical or negative standpoint, and we also shouldn’t be afraid of engaging in discussion with someone who doesn’t share our viewpoint.

Anyway, while I think it is alright to be harsh or critical in a blogpost, the blogger should be polite those who visit their site and comment. I think it is important to try to respond to all comments because not doing so is disrespectful to the people who take the time to comment. Ignoring the people who comment will make your site seem uninviting and discourage people from coming back to comment.

Well, that concludes my thoughts on Animanga Blogs in general. What are your thoughts? Are there any blogging behaviors that you particularly don’t like? What about things that you think blogs should and can do better? Feel free to direct your comments at my site.

Also, check out the responses from all the other participants in the carnival:

Finally, thank you to Foxy Lady Ayame for organizing this blog carnival project.


13 thoughts on “Myst’s Reflections on Animanga Blogs

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  3. “On the flip side of things, if a blogger writes about a topic that he or she doesn’t find interesting, it is going to show.”

    I know what you mean… if look at some of my posts and feel bad about them >_< (while I look at the ones I enjoyed writing and feel all good)

    You seem to be an "everything goes" reader? 🙂

    • I feel the same way about my favorite posts. ^_^

      That might be a good way to describe me and my blog reading habits. I just like reading well-written posts and a lot of times I discover new ideas or information in the process. Even with things that I previously had little to no interest in!

  4. I think the best thing to keep in mind is that you’re definitely writing for yourself. You should always write what you like, bar none. Make sure you write what you like first, then worry about everything else later. Or something like that :p

    BTW. On the subject of visually appealing blogs…*looks around* hmm, something about this blog feels quite different ^_^

    • Oh definitely. Not only is it more fun and easier to write about a topic you want to discuss, but it’ll just be better in the long run.

      And yes! I’m experimenting with a new color scheme. I wasn’t fond of the original white-grey background, so I’m trying out a darker color set. Let me know what you think!

  5. Bookmark? That’s a weird way for it works too I guess. It’s probably because my browser’s bookmark is a mess, I try not to rely on bookmarks as much as possible, and wordpress has every function you need not to rely on them (follow, blogroll, etc..)

    • I tend to use bookmarks for a lot of things because Chrome allows you to access your bookmarks from any computer anywhere with your google account. It has been a habit for a long time before I started using wordpress, so I guess it just feels natural to do it this way.

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