First Year Anniversary and Other Announcements

Well, I finally reached my first year of blogging here on Through the Frozen Glass. One-hundred and fort-nine posts ago this anime fan decided to write about some shows in the new fall season. In retrospect, choosing to blog about anime was one of the best decisions I’ve made and probably a big part of why I’m still an anime fan today.

If you asked me when I first started blogging if I would still be doing it in a year I probably would’ve said “no.” But, what kept me blogging every month, even during the busy months, and why I’m so glad I did decide to begin in the first place is because of the aniblogging community that I’ve become a part of because I started blogging. The community is something special. I’ve gotten to talk to so many great people because of it, and it makes watching anime even better. I started this blog in hopes of finding people to discuss anime with and that’s exactly what I found. So, thank you. Thank you my fellow anibloggers, my friends on twitter, and my reader for making me feel like a part of this wonderful community.

Anyway, to celebrate reaching this blogging milestone, let me share a few of my favorite posts that I’ve written.

The Paradox of Side Characters

The Importance of Average Shows

Thoughts on Anime Ending Sequences

Coincidentally, my blog’s one year anniversary, Oct 9th, is also the day I turn twenty, so today’s celebration will be twofold. In honor of the occasion, let me introduce a new page on Through the Frozen Glass, Myst’s Top Five Favorite Anime.

This is the beginning of a brand new year of blogging. The new Fall season has just begun and you can be sure that I will be following it. Expect me to pick up at least two new shows to blog episodically. The shows won’t be decided until Psycho Pass and Robotics;Notes air this Thursday, but look forward to it!

Thanks again for reading this and I look forward to another fun year of blogging! 🙂


17 thoughts on “First Year Anniversary and Other Announcements

  1. Congratulations! Only one year in, and 150 posts! Compare that to us – 39 posts over the span of four years! I admire your work ethic, and you write some pretty good stuff. I rarely follow episodic bloggers because I’m an editorial kind of guy, and I’d rather watch episodes myself than read someone else talking about it, but you’re one of the few people I do read. Here is to another great year for you and your blog!

    I love the picture you chose for this topic. Alice ❤

    • Thanks Ming, it means a lot to hear you say that!

      And yes, I love Alice and that moment in Aria. In fact, it is probably my favorite moment in the entire show. ❤

  2. I made about 150 post just after my anniversary too, guess we post at almost the same rate 😀 Anyway grats! Saw your top anime page and is looking forward to seeing it expand.

  3. A happy birthday to you and to your blog! Hope you have a fun day 🙂

    In a year, you have done the double amount of posts I have. When this month ends, I will probably have done 60 posts.

  4. Congratulations! I’m glad that you’re enjoying blogging so much, especially since I knew you as a commenter before you became a blogger. I’ll be looking forward to reading many more of your opinions and getting to know you better.

    And also, thanks for all the help in LoL. ^ ^

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