Tamako Market and Ignoring the Feelings of Others


Turmoil finds its way into Bunny Mountain Market when Choi tells Tamako that she is the bride for the prince that Dera has been searching for all this time. Like with most things Tamako is relatively unphased by the news and expresses doubts that she is actually the prince’s bride. To her it is no big deal, and she goes about her days as though nothing has changed. The people around her, however, are thrown into a state of confusion as they suddenly find themselves faced with the prospect of Tamako leaving and torn between their desire to see Tamako happy and to not see her leave.

Mochizou is heartbroken by the idea of losing Tamako without ever getting the chance to confess his feelings. Tamako’s dad is in denial about the day he knew he would have to face eventually, but has come too soon. Tamako’s friends are shocked by the prospect of a sudden change to their adolescent lives that probably never crossed their minds before. The market gossips and holds meetings about Tamako and what she should. However, while everyone frets and tries to come to terms with what is happening, the question of what Tamako actually wants remains unanswered.

Despite how shaken everyone is around her about the business with the prince, Tamako’s thoughts are somewhere else entirely. After what could only be years of shopping that market, Tamako has finally acquired the necessary amount of points to receive the medal of the market. It is a goal that she has been working towards for a long time and she is overjoyed to reach it. To her it is a big deal, but in the midst of everything else, almost no one takes notice.

Everyone in the market wants Tamako to find happiness, but no one actually stops to ask Tamako about what she wants or what she intends to do. Nor does anyone even consider asking her or consider what her feelings might be in all of this. There’s no question that the people around Tamako love her, but in their determination to see her off with a smile, they have forgotten something important. And that is Tamako’s own feelings about the whole development.


The desire to see Tamako off happily and have her find her own happiness is understandable, but it is also rooted in a concern for themselves. Everyone is focused on their own feelings about Tamako leaving without actually stopping to think about whether she is actually leaving or not. And in jumping to conclusion about what Tamako wants or intends to do, the people around her only manage to distance her. Instead of everyone putting pressure on her with their own assumptions, what Tamako needs is some time to think and maybe even someone to talk to about the situation. Unfortunately, nobody around Tamako is able to support her in that way and if she ends up leaving then the people in the market are partially responsible for pushing her away.

Love isn’t just about wishing the best for someone; it is also about supporting that person and being there for them when they need it, and considering their feelings, even if it is an inconvenience.


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